My first experience working with Marvin was a kitchen project for my personal residence in 2005. The 2nd, for a rental property. When my son decided to redo their kitchen, I referred them to Marvin. In 2021 at a different house, we worked with Eric to do a full renovation of the kitchen. I have had the same positive experience each time  - whether working with Marvin or his son Eric.    

We appreciated the patience, personal attention and insightful information harvested from their many years of kitchen renovation projects, that they provided during all stages of our project. When we had questions or required information, even after our kitchen was installed, our calls/emails have always been responded to promptly. I can't say enough about the service they provide.

When the kitchen layout came to life in the 3D computer drawings we were able to clearly visualize the 2 design options presented to us and decide on the winner. A visit to the well-stocked showroom enabled us to finalize other pending decisions. The fully built kitchen in the showroom provided examples of different drawer and cupboard interior options such as lazy susans, silverware/utensil trays etc. for optimal cupboard organization. Initially we shopped around for the countertop and door/drawer hardware, but didn't find anything we were satisfied with. We went back to the showroom again to choose from the many samples/displays to order these components. I have to say we also just felt better about everything being coordinated by Eric and Marvin.  

Installation was quick and efficient. No surprises. I attribute this to all the preparatory detailed discussions and 2 sets of precise measurements completed at the beginning of the project and and again before construction began. 

We love our kitchen. Thank you Eric and Marvin for an amazing experience and job well done. I will continue to mention your name and highly recommend the work you do, when I hear anyone talking about renovating their kitchen!


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