This spring, my wife and I made the decision to do renovations. A full home renovation, we knew it would be a massive undertaking. Now that we’ve completed our 4 month project, I’ve joked that I’ve either had the absolute best or absolute worst when it comes to the trades that have worked on our home. Marvin Weber and his team at Marvin Weber Inc. most definitely fall under the former. From the first day I walked into Marvin’s immaculate showroom, I knew we’d found our kitchen contractor. Marvin’s knowledge of kitchen renovations is unmatched. He designed a perfect space, both for form and function, using only my hand drawn doodle as reference! His customizable options, including on-hand materials, really made the selection process easy. When it came time for the install, Marvin and his team were true professionals. Whether it was protecting our new floors, putting our appliances back in when they were done, even cleaning up (they left the place nicer than it was when they showed up), I never had a single problem with the quality of Marvin’s work. Home renovations can be extremely stressful. Picking a professional tradesman for such a large portion of the project can help alleviate some of that stress. I can’t recommend Marvin or his team enough. They were an absolute delight.

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